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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Back to the Novel


With everything to do with the prologue novella, 2120, all but done, I've returned to writing 2121 the full-length novel. There's still a few new things to get out there - like the "This is... Namazu" video that kicks off a series of main character introductions, as well as me attempting to turn 2120 into an audiobook. But, for the most part, my focus is once more back on the novel.

The old versions of Chapters 1 and 2 up here at the blog are looking a bit shabby compared to how they now look, so I might get around to updating them again soon, but that will depend upon my free time outside of writing.

As I said on my progress journal at the writing forums, considering everything I learned in getting 2120 out there, both literary and the technical aspects, it should stand me in good stead to make 2121 a much more polished product when it's finished. I feel the entire process has justified my decision to take the time out to create the prologue in the first place. When it eventually goes free to everyone when 2121 hits, it will also complement the full novel with more exposure and hopefully get more people enjoying the characters and story.

I felt relieved elation but tired when I completed 2120. Now I feel re-energized for 2121.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

 I think this pretty sums up my notes in scrivener right now. I get to flush a few of them out now that the prologue novella, 2120 is done and dusted. But it's basically like taking 2 sheets of paper away from this image above, heh.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Top 30

 I'm not one to usually toot my own horn, but I had to share this. It blew me away. 

At its peak during its promotion weekends, Solar Rift : 2120 reached as high as #22 on the free book listings for cyberpunk scifi. I have no more words. Gobsmacked is an understatement.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Housekeeping in Preparation


With the prologue novella, Solar Rift : 2120, launching this week, I've had to do a bit of housekeeping with the blog. The most notable item is that I've removed the preview of the first chapter that I put up here - "Raz."
Amazon (and everyone else's) publishing guidelines require me to remove it before publication, but if you use the free sample that they supply when the book goes live, you'll be able to preview even more than Raz and Namazu's first scene. So it's a win-win all round.

Everything relating to the main novel, 2121, and the first two preview chapters here remains the same. So, if you start with "Milan" in the link above, everything will still flow as it should. (Even if the version online here is quite an old one by now.)

The response by the beta readers to the prologue novella has been really astounding, and if paying readers find it half as good as they did when it goes live, I'll be delighted.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Artwork and Revisions Update

The Prologue Novella, 2120, is about to undergo its final couple of revisions when the last of the beta readers get back with their feedback.

Along with the character images of Raz, Namazu, and Zarina, and the schematics of the Xiangu, the artwork accompanying the book will include this rendering of Zarina's Fantastica sword, Sunblade. The engraving isn't as detailed or intricate as I'd like, but with the time available to me, I'm pretty pleased with the final result.

The book is looking like it will be out in time to take part in the Kindle Storyteller Award 2020 contest, and when it goes live it should be as close to what I envisaged when I came up with the idea.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Character Profiles

With the prologue about to go into beta reading, and the website mid-way through construction, I sought out a couple of great artists to bring the characters to life. Here, we see Namazu, Zarina, Raz, and Milan, with Liv on the way. Art has done a brilliant job of understanding the characters' looks from my concept studies that I gave him, and there will be more to follow soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

"Solar Rift : 2120" and the Blurb

“Solar Rift : 2120” tells two thrilling tales of realistic science-fiction and cyberpunk espionage, set on the Earth and in the asteroid belt a century in the future.

On Earth, the private investigator and infiltration expert, Raz Kadir, and his business partner, the flamboyant Japanese hacker Namazu, take a job for the up-and-coming Viator Engineering and Logistics company. With their first job ending up as a bumpy ride, things start spiraling out of control when they’re asked to blur the boundaries of legality and morality. Before long, the pair are lost in the murky and deadly world of inter-corporate warfare and need to use all of their cunning to keep their freedom.

In the asteroid belt beyond Mars, pilot and navigator Zarina Verma and her two fellow crewmates are coming to the end of their two-year tour of duty. Responding to problems that automated droneships fail to take care of, the crew encounters a destroyed mining station belonging to their employers, the TKR Corporation. As the mystery unfolds, the mission not only begins to strain their friendship but tests their mettle against an ever-increasing threat.

“Solar Rift : 2120” is a pair of novella-length stories that serve as a standalone book or a prologue to the upcoming full-length novel “Solar Rift : 2121”


Current Update : The novella is now only one chapter away from its full first draft. It will then go off for a proof-read, sort out the kinks, then beta-reading, and then release.
The website is coming along as well, with an image of Raz and Namazu on the way.
Fingers crossed, everything might come together mid-august.

Then, the big one - the full length novel.