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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Back to the Novel


With everything to do with the prologue novella, 2120, all but done, I've returned to writing 2121 the full-length novel. There's still a few new things to get out there - like the "This is... Namazu" video that kicks off a series of main character introductions, as well as me attempting to turn 2120 into an audiobook. But, for the most part, my focus is once more back on the novel.

The old versions of Chapters 1 and 2 up here at the blog are looking a bit shabby compared to how they now look, so I might get around to updating them again soon, but that will depend upon my free time outside of writing.

As I said on my progress journal at the writing forums, considering everything I learned in getting 2120 out there, both literary and the technical aspects, it should stand me in good stead to make 2121 a much more polished product when it's finished. I feel the entire process has justified my decision to take the time out to create the prologue in the first place. When it eventually goes free to everyone when 2121 hits, it will also complement the full novel with more exposure and hopefully get more people enjoying the characters and story.

I felt relieved elation but tired when I completed 2120. Now I feel re-energized for 2121.