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Saturday, January 2, 2021

You know what that means? It's Latin. It means, 'Know Thyself.'

One of the most enjoyable things about writing is when a character knows themself so well and they have so much depth to them that it springs out of the page at you... (dialogue beats removed)

Raz : “So what’s punk to you, then?”

Namazu : “Nothing. It does not mean anything.”

Raz : “What do you mean?”

Namazu : “I mean, ‘punk’ and ‘alternative’ are just marketing words to get people to buy and wear clothes that make them feel different or special when they are not. They want to pretend that they are rebellious without actually being a rebel. That makes them buy stuff from the corporations to help them feel that way, without realizing how funny that is.”

Raz : “How come you wear punk-style clothing then?”

Namazu : “That is different. I wear it just because it looks coolio, not because I believe it makes me special. If you pay attention, sometimes you notice that I do not wear punk stuff at all. Being a rebel is not about the clothes you wear. You are either a rebel or you are not; how you look makes no difference. A true rebel knows that.” 

Raz : “Hmph, said the girl working for a corporation.”

Namazu : “Just because I take their money, it does not mean that I cannot work against them. That is what the word irony is for.”

Raz : “That’s really deep and complicated, coming from you.”

Namazu : “I am a deep and complicated person, it is just that you never listen to me enough to notice.”